Mexic-Arte Museum – 31K Project (retratos por la paz)

Now through April 1st 2012, Mexic-Arte Museum is exhibiting the 31K Project. Photographer Diego Huerta and Daniela Gutierrez  traveled through Mexico and key cities in the U.S. taking photos of over 31,000 people to represent those who have been killed in the ongoing drug wars in Mexico.

In each photograph the sitter holds a blue paper dove as a symbol of peace. This bright blue thread seams together the viewing experience with sense the strength and perseverance. As I walked through the exhibit reading about each individual, I was struck by the portrait taken in one area of Mexico where there was some resistance to participating in the project. A priest in the area decided to go against the grain and participate remarking, “Peace? Anything for peace.” As you walk through the exhibit you’ll find interesting information not only about each portrait, but the journey that the Diego and Daniela took to make this project possible.

As you make your way to the end of the exhibit you will find a station with sheets of blue paper where you can make a paper dove of your own and an area to take your own photo. As you can see, origami is not my forté.

But the exhibit doesn’t end there. The Mexic-Arte Museum website states, “The exhibition will not be confined to our inside walls…Along our 5th Street exterior wall space we will continue the promotion of the 31K Project with a public display of vinyl photographs. Capital Metro Transit and Mexic-Arte Museum will be collaborating with one hundred in bus placards, three small bus wraps, and exhibition advertisements at various bus stops throughout Austin.”

So be on the lookout for 31K Project Portraits on your day-to-day journey through Austin.

The exhibit cost $5.00 for entry or $4.oo with a student ID.

Visit the Mexic-Arte Museum website for museum hours and directions.

Find out more about the project in the video below. Also, find the 31K project on facebook.


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